English Summary

Competitive and non-competitive exhibition of student and teacher art works on-line

The theme for 2023 is:  On the wings

Students, teachers and amateur artists are invited to participate in this on-line exhibition.

Competitive and non-competitive exhibition – student category:

Elementary schools and high schools, art schools, art-club attendees, art-group members.

Non-competitive exhibition – art teachers and amateur artists category:

Elementary school and high school teachers, art-school teachers, art-school teachers of specialized subjects, leaders of art-groups and art-clubs, adult amateur artists.

Works are uploaded to on-line gallery at www.cimtacara.cz

Works of students are uploaded by their teachers or art-group leaders. Teachers upload their own works according to their category. Adult amateur artists upload their works for themselves.


Works of students submitted to the competition are evaluated by a professional jury, which determines the winner of each category. The public can vote for every submitted work right below its display. The votes will be counted, and the Prize of the public will be awarded. Works of students and adults submitted as non-competitive can also be voted for by the public. Non-competitive works can be submitted without the name of the author, only with the school or art-group name. Works of teachers and adult amateur artists can be submitted as non-competitive only. Every author or collective of authors can submit only one art work.

The uploading of works

High-quality photos or scans of planar (2D) works in JPEG format can be uploaded on www.cimtacara.cz by clicking the link ADD PICTURE. Resolution must be 96 DPI, maximum size of the file is 5 MB. The picture must not be deformed (f. e. by taking a photo at an angle) and must not include edges or frame. If the upload process completes successfully, the person who submitted the work receives a confirmation message. The picture appears in the gallery after it is approved by the administrator.

Competition schedule:

The announcement of the theme – January 2023. Deadline for submitting of works: 30th of April 2023. You can browse through submitted works in the on-line gallery immediately after they have been uploaded. Announcement of the results will take place in June 2023. We are looking forward to your art works. Additional information can be found at www.cimtacara.cz, any questions will be answered at info@cimtacara.cz.

For Čímtačára, Mgr.A. Andrea Borovská